The Chennai Economy- Industrialization to V-fiber Technology

The Government of Tamil Nadu, in the year of 2003, formulated a new industrial policy, the aim of which was to promote growth across the state for skill enhancement, resource utilization, modernizing of manufacturing processes, etc. The resultant push saw the state grow tremendously, it attracted the automobile industry, and the city of Chennai was one of the chief beneficiaries. The city continues to attract IT companies and it goes without saying that ISPs in Chennai offer nothing but the best to the citizens and netizens.

The First Industrialization

It was in the 16th century that this city, which was then a collection of harbor villages, dotting the coastline, began to be industrialized. As with the rest of the Industrial movement, it was the textile industry that led the movement in this town. As the popularity of the quality of fabric that the city produced grew, so did its popularity with the people of India and abroad who came here to establish business and become successes.

The Industries of Today

Chennai made it to the list of Forbes ‘100 fastest growing cities of the world’. Ranking fourth on the list, the city in India hosts the maximum number of Fortune 500 companies and it offers an economic base that is diverse from textiles to automobiles to hardware to financial services and more. The growth of the city led to its selection as one of the 100 chosen by the Prime Minister of India to meet with his goal of Digital India and become a smart city.

The Detroit of Asia

Contemporary Chennai is popularly referred to as the Detroit of Asia. This can be directly attributed to the fact that one-third of the automobile industry of the country, has established its base in this city. Along with manufacturing plants for cars, the city also manufactures military vehicles and railway coaches. It should come as no surprise then that majority of India’s auto components industry, nearly 45% is present in the city.

A Major IT Hub

Though most people know Bangalore as the Silicon Valley, the city of Chennai is not far behind. According to Wikipedia, “In 2012, it was the largest exporter of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing in India.” With the Digital India push the title just continues to grow and it is of little wonder that companies such as Airtel chose this city to roll out their broadband plans that offered speeds going up to 100 Mbps.

V-Fiber technology in Chennai

Speeds going up to 100 Mbps are possible due to v-fiber technology which relies on copper cables to deliver such high speeds. With the city on the move to capture the world, companies across the spectrum are dependent on their broadband connections in Chennai to keep them connected at all times. The V-fiber upgrades the status of the conventional internet packages and makes the city more digitally entwined with the rest of the country and the world.

The Final Word

Chennai is an advanced city, from adopting industrialization in the 16th century to becoming an IT hub for the world in the 21st. The pace at which the city embraces new technological developments justifies the development of the infrastructure and industries especially when backed by dependable internet plans.


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