Scorching Price Wars to Hit Customers

The customer is king in today’s war of Telco’s. There are numerous plans available in the market and this is the right time to get one based on your needs. There are big savings to be made and numerous benefits to enjoy. You can get rentals for as low as Rs 399 for unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming incoming and limited 3G/4G data. New connections are eligible for bonuses as well, which differ between telecom service providers.


Low-Cost Plans with Big Benefits

The number of mobile phone users is on the rise and with the rural populace getting increasing access to mobile Internet, telecom service providers are doing all they can to expand their reach. Airtel, for example, offers myPlan Infinity postpaid plans that start from as low as Rs 299. Customers get as many as 680 minutes of local and STD calls as well as 0.6 GB of data and free roaming incoming. If Kolkata is your base, you can try any one of the unlimited postpaid plans in Kolkata. They range from Rs 399 to Rs 799 and offer unlimited local and STD calls, in addition to unlimited roaming incoming and mobile data with various limits. New connections get even more benefits. For the first three months, customers with rental plans of Rs 399 and above are eligible to receive bonus data. This ranges from 1 GB for the Rs 399 rental plan and 10 GB for Rs 499, 649 and Rs 799 plans.

Companies on the warpath to ensure that customers stay with them are offering plans that can be shared with families. The customizable plans, allow the primary member to make one bill payment while ensuring there is no wastage of data or minutes. Unlimited calling between members is another benefit that families can enjoy.

The Battle Between the Telco’s

The current price war in India can be traced back to September 2016 when telecom service providers began slashing their rates and offering calls and data. There are plans that can be customize to meet the unique data and calling needs of an individual. Those with high usage can opt for unlimited calling plans, wherein the subscriber gets the benefit of free local and STD calls.

The Future

According to the Association of Competitive Telecom Operators, prices will continue to drop as mobile data consumption increases. India looks set to overtake the United States as the second biggest Smartphone market, according to India Brand Equity Foundation. This growth will be sustained as people make the shift to Smartphones and gradually move to 4G networks.

What does this mean for customers?

Unlimited calling and more mobile data at very affordable rates. As Telco’s battle it out and introduce attractive offers to stay ahead of the competition, customers can enjoy all the benefits. Things look set to change on the broadband front too. If prices drop further, it will trigger another price war. Despite home broadband having a smaller customer base than mobile data, it will certainly force bigger providers to rethink its broadband plans.


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