Broadband is no longer an unfamiliar term for people. But, the rapid change of pace with regards to broadband speed and plans can be an unfamiliar terrain for many a people. While there are many operators in the marketplace that will meet diverse requirements, a search can end with established name such as Airtel, as it is better to avail broadband plans that are value for money and backed by excellent customer service.

Most of the time, when you go into the market looking for a high speed internet connection that you can buy without hassle, and one that gives you the most benefits, it is easy for you as a consumer to get confused. There are a plethora of players, but choose wisely, because you will have make do with a connection once it is installed, and your service period can last for a number of months. You don’t want that! You want value-for-money plans with no buffering, additional benefits and a reliable customer service; and Airtel is one Internet Service Provider that you can trust to deliver.

Airtel’s Value-for-money plans

Here, I am comparing two Airtel value-for-money plans for you available in the capital city to help you understand the underlying similarities and the differences.

  • A fast broadband plan – Starting at Rs. 899 a month for 16GB, the fast plan offers a maximum speed of 10 GB with a download speed of 8Mbps. Once you exhaust the 10GB data, the speed will go down to 512 Kbps. Unlimited calls (local and STD) are available with the plan.
  • The fastest broadband plan – The fastest broadband plan for Delhi is available at a rental of Rs. 1299 onwards. It is offered at a speed of 40 Mbps for 45 GB per month. Unlimited calls (local and STD) are available with the plan.

What are the additional benefits of buying an Airtel Broadband connection?

When a trusted brand offers you extra benefits on its broadband plans, it is wise to study them before finalizing a decision.

  • Wired Internet – Airtel uses the latest V-fiber technology to lay cables for Internet connectivity. The aim is provide its customers uninterrupted broadband at all times.
  • Best Network – The Company assures to offer uninterrupted services and I can vouch for the authenticity of the statement. Have been using their broadband for the last four years, and have not yet faced a downtime.
  • Free calls – Free local and STD calling anywhere in India is one of the major attractions of an Airtel wired broadband plan.
  • Zero Cost Router – The telecom giant does not charge its customers for the broadband router. It is absolutely free of charge with an internet connection.
  • VDSL modems – Airtel now provides Huawei VDSL modems to its customer base in Delhi at an additional cost of Rs.1000/-.
  • Extra GBs – As a loyal customer, I am quite happy to receive extra GBs to my connection. Recently, the company was providing an extra 5GB for every Airtel Broadband connection that also had an Airtel Digital TV or Airtel mobile.
  • Other benefits – In case you are buying a new connection and you pay three month rent in advance, your activation fees of Rs.1000 will be discounted.

As the company is still in the process of laying the new V-fiber cables, it is worth noting that the area you live in will affect availability of Internet speed. Go to https://www.airtel.in/broadband/, select your city, fill in the form provided to register and an executive will get in touch.

Airtel is India’s largest private sector broadband provider and its offerings are designed to ensure ease of installation, ease of usage and ease of service to its customers. Go ahead and buy an Airtel broadband plan to enjoy a host of benefits, like I have been for some years now.


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