The Best Customized Postpaid Plans in Mumbai

For most Indian mobile phone users, post-paid plans offer the highest levels of service, given that they allow users an uninterrupted, more seamless experience. And yet, with every plan comes the very pertinent question of wastage: the questions you will often find yourself asking are whether or not you are making optimal use of the talk-time and data that your plan has to offer, and if it is offering you the very best value for your money.
The fact that there currently exist up to a hundred types of post-paid plans that offer diverse combinations of data and talk-time only make the process of determining the perfect plan that much harder. So, what do you do to ensure that your post-paid plan is indeed the best suited to your budget and requirements? The answer is surprisingly simple – you look for a completely customizable plan that lets you decide exactly how much talk-time and data you’re willing to pay for every month.

Your plan. Your way.

Although a relatively new entrant to the Indian telecom domain, customized plans let you decide exactly where the money you spend on your phone tariffs goes, right down to the last rupee. Customized plans recognize the fact that no two users’ consumption patterns will ever truly be completely alike, whether in terms of the amount of time you spend surfing the web or social media on your phone or the number of actual voice calls you make every month. Accordingly, these plans let you determine pick your tariff and then balance the amount of data vis-a-vis the amount of talk-time that is included in that tariff. One of the best examples and most popular type of customized plans are Airtel’s unlimited postpaid plans for users. These are priced as low as INR 199 and go all the way up to INR 1,599 per month. Users are invited to pick a tariff that is best suited to their budget. They can then decide exactly how many GB of 3G or 4G data and the minutes of talk-time that are included with their tariff. Users that prefer more voice calls and tend to use their phone internet infrequently can opt for a talk-time-heavy plan and vice-versa. The beauty of plans such as Airtel’s MyPlan is that users in Mumbai make the final decision about their usage and thus reap the best value for their money.

The time to customize is NOW

When picking a unlimited postpaid plans in Mumbai, make sure to choose a telecom company that allows you to reap the benefits of a customized plan at shortest notice. Airtel, for instance, has a simple online registration process, following which you can hand your documents over to the representative and have your SIM activated in only two hours. Always remember: the shorter the wait, the sooner you can enjoy the several benefits that customized plans have to offer. Finally, look for a customized plan that also offers you delightful value add-ons. Airtel’s MyPlans, for example, include 150 free SMS with every bill cycle, making it that much cheaper and more convenient to stay connected on the go. Also look for a service provider that has strong reputation of provided quality service and after-sales customer service, such as Airtel – you’ll find it much easier to make any tweaks to your customized post-paid plan in keeping with your changing tastes and preferences.


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