Don’t Miss.. All You Need to Know About Airtel’s New Plans!

The penetration of smartphones into the remotest parts of the country has directly affected the landscape of content consumption and it is well reflected in the changing consumer patterns in India. With large section of people who have never seen a video online, streaming videos on various platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook etc. and sharing them, it is an indication that the content consumption is increasing and this is something that will never go backwards. Hence, taking on the responsibility to pave the way forward for its customers to enjoy uninterrupted services at attractive prices and have a seamless experience in the process, India’s leading network provider Airtel continues to innovate by introducing new plans designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of its large customer base.


As the leading network provider focuses on ‘no wastage’ of data or calling benefits available with each plan, it provides the customers with postpaid connection that allows them the power to customize their plans as per their requirements and usage pattern. The customized plans available are myPlan under two popular categories, myPlan Family and myPlan Infinity. The subscription to Wynk Music and Wynk Movies, Airtel’s services for music and movie streaming, are available on all plans.

myPlan Infinity

In the five plans under myPlan Infinity, Airtel offers free local and STD calling minutes and data benefits for the first two plans at Rs 299 and Rs 399. The three other plans ranging between Rs 499 to Rs 799 offer unlimited local and STD calling minutes, free incoming on roaming with varied data caps and 30GB of bonus 3G/4G data for 3 months at brackets of 10GB per month. The last two of the highest plans at Rs 649 and Rs 799 also offer unlimited roaming on outgoing calls and hence are ideal for customers who travel frequently. It seems through its varied postpaid unlimited plans Airtel has on its mind the needs of every section of its huge customer base presenting unique requirements and is developing customized solutions for all.

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myPlan Family

It is great when among all the things that you get to share with your close ones, there is the mobile plan too. But the only thing that you don’t share in this case is the bill, as the primary member receives a single bill for all the added members, be it one or five. Airtel also recognizes that individual plans can often lead to wastage as it may not always be possible for a single person using the plan to utilize all its benefits within the validity period. Hence, it has developed the myPlan Family which lets an individual customize their plan as per their family’s usage pattern and requirements and share it with up to 5 members at a rental price of Rs 99/month or Rs 199/month. The people that you share the plan with do not have to be your immediate family members and could be a friend, a colleague or that special person you never run out of topics to talk about with. The primary account holder can choose any plan ranging between Rs 299 and Rs 1599 and enjoy free calling with the added members to his postpaid connection at the monthly rental price of Rs 99.

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If you are not a Airtel postpaid customer and want to avail these offers then go to their website and order a postpaid SIM card which is as easy as it sounds. Place the order online for a new connection and the SIM will be delivered to your home. You will definitely be tempted to buy the company’s postpaid new connection as old and new customers can enjoy 30GB 4G bonus data on their page, you are surely in for more than you have asked for!

Most of the internet service provider companies like Airtel provides live chat service to there online customers. You can talk to there customers through the live support software. They will get back to you with there positive feedback.


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