Keep Your Smartphone Secure From Threats

As smartphone networks in the country are moving swiftly towards expanding their network strengths and keeping us connected on the go, there is fear lurking in every mind with regards to viruses that can attack mobiles, tablets, PCs and any other device used to surf the Internet and damage them beyond repair. There are a few services available in the market, but the below tips will come in handy to help you make an informed choice –

Smartphone Protection

  • Virus can’t harm your devices – The main purpose of any virus protection service is that it should not let virus, malware, bugs, etc., harm computers. A good service will keep your apps safe irrespective of the type of danger posed.
  • Multi-device protection – Since Internet use is no longer restricted to one device, multi-device protection from a single service is essential. The service should protect irrespective of the device or platform from PC, Mac, Windows, Android to iOS, etc. It is not enough to keep devices safe; also required is a fast response, and here, services such as the Airtel Antivirus are the perfect answer.
  • Control stays with parents – Ease of information on the Internet can turn into a nightmare for parents of young children and teens. With the option of Parent Control deny access to inappropriate or harmful sites. Keep children out of harm’s way by monitoring and controlling what they see.
  • Protect your information – Banking transactions, surfing for information or enjoying videos all inherent to our smartphone usage. Hence, a strong and safe application is needed to protect information about our personal habits as well as financial health.
  • Anti theft – It is common enough to lose a phone and then fret and fume, as the struggle to change passwords and lock information drains both time and energy. Not any longer, just log in to your service from any device and lock your phone. Sound the alarm, erase the data and get excited as you starting looking for the latest smartphone.
  • Easy Installation & customer service – It should not take more than two minutes to protect your device once the service is downloaded on your device. Choose a service provider of repute and one backed by years of experience in customer service.
  • Choice of packs – Companies such as Airtel offer choices – Get protection for three devices at only Rs. 85 per month or for five devices at only Rs. 99 per month. Do away with the monthly payment or opt for the yearly plan Rs. 749 and Rs 849, respectively.
  • One bill for all members – Empower all family members with the safety service and get only one bill. Using a service such as Airtel Anti-virus protection does not get easier than this.

There are several telecom service providers entering the foray of providing security services to their users. Operators such as the Airtel Smartest Network are not limiting their services to only protection from malware and viruses, they are providing 360° services from safety of devices to protection of data to keeping an eye on the children to easing the process of making payments.

As can be judged, for the increasing subscriber base of the country, it is not enough for their smartphone network to be the best or the fastest; it should strive to be the safest.



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