Choose Your Postpaid Plan in Chennai From Over a Billion Choices with Airtel MyPlan

When it comes to postpaid plans, one size definitely does not fit all. From the amount of money users are willing to spend on their monthly mobile phone usage, to the amount of data they need to keep up with their browsing habits to even the amount of talk-time they are comfortable with – every cell phone user has their own unique preferences and requirements. While the plans are gaining popularity on account of their uninterrupted service and better service quality they offer, there is still the matter of tariffs – even the plan that is the closest approximation of users’ preferences still entails some wastage, and in turn, money that would have been much better spent on other pursuits.


This is the reason why several users in India, especially in India’s Deep South, are increasingly seeking customizable plans that allow them to specify the amount of data and talk-time that their monthly tariff includes. The most popular of these are Airtel’s myPlans, which give users the ability to design their own plans, right down to the exact amount of talk-time and data that is available to them every month. Customized data plans offer users a number of advantages as opposed to pre-designed plans. These include:

Less wastage

Being able to design your plan right down to the exact number of minutes of talk-time and the precise MB of data gives you the freedom to use your cell phone just the way you’d like to, without having to pay for any additional data or talk-time that you do not use. This lets you get the best value for your money.

Better Budgeting

Customizable postpaid plans in Chennai are available at a variety of price points. The myPlan tariffs begin at only INR 199 and go all the way up to INR 1,599. Picking a plan that is the best fit with your budget gives you more control over how much you spend on your cell phone usage every month – both in terms of data and talk-time.

Certain telecom providers also offer you the option of clubbing together your entire family’s cell phone usage. The myPlan Family pack lets you assign a budget for your entire family, enjoy up to 30 percent savings and receive one common invoice for your family’s cell phone usage. Airtel’s postpaid plans for Chennai let you add up to five members of your family, and the minutes and data you purchase are shared by the entire family. If you’re a budget-sensitive user, this plan is a great way for you to monitor your entire family’s usage and ensure that your family never ends up overshooting your budget.

Quicker Access

Postpaid offers come with the added advantage of accessibility – they can be applied for online and are activated in only two hours after your documents are submitted. This allows you to begin enjoying the benefits of your plan quickly and effortlessly.

All in all, customizable post-paid plans in Chennai recognize the fact that when it comes to your cell phone usage, you alone are the best judge of how much data and talk-time you really need. Switching to myPlan is a good way to leverage affordably-priced data and talk-time and avoid paying for any services that you are unlikely to use.


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