How and Why I Switched to Airtel Broadband

For most Indian Internet users, broadband Internet has become a way of life. It is practically inconceivable to picture life as we know it, without our modern-day reliance on our handheld devices, laptop computers and other Internet-enabled facilities. This said, when I signed up for a broadband package deal with a local service provider – Unlimited Internet, I was quite eager to make the most of my high speed Internet. To my utter disappointment, two months down the line, I found myself still struggling with basics such as connectivity and consistent speed – issues that I never imagined I would encounter with a high-speed broadband connection. Frustrated with the ordeal, I began to research other options to find a service that would live up to its word. Although most broadband service providers promised speed and affordable pricing, their offers didn’t strike me as exceptional, especially given the fact that I’d just been burned by an inefficient Internet service that I had barely used.

After hours of painstaking research and surfing through the best broadband deals, I finally came across Airtel broadband. I was immediately intrigued by the very affordably-priced packages that offered speeds of up to 100 mbps and prices that went as low as INR 899 per month. What also swayed my decision were the numerous Airtel broadband offers that included free data, a free wireless device and a host of attractive add-ons such as Anti-virus software, and free music and games. Further, I also had the option of topping up my package with on-demand speed boosts when I needed to quickly download a movie or stream my favorite Netflix series. I needed no further convincing.


Reliable- Convenient- Affordable.

Logging on to one morning, I dropped my mobile number and received a call back not long after. The Airtel executive patiently guided me through the packages, helping me to choose one that best suited my internet consumption patterns. Once I had made my selection, an executive dropped by to collect my documents. Knowing Airtel’s reputation for excellent customer service, I also handed over a cheque for three months’ advance rental, which gave me an INR 1,000 discount on the installation fee. Before I knew it, my Internet had been set up and was working like a charm. Airtel also threw in free access to Airtel movies, which the movie buff in me found more than agreeable.

To date, I am very satisfied with the service offered by Airtel. Superb connectivity, lightning-fast speeds and unbeatable pricing all make Airtel one of the best broadband services provider in the market. Even better, every Airtel broadband plan comes with unlimited local and STD calls, which makes it that much cheaper and more convenient to look no further than Airtel for all my communication needs.

Two months later, I can only say that no internet service provider understands my needs as precisely as Airtel broadband. In addition to saving me a sizeable chunk on Internet tariffs, the incredible peace of mind that Airtel broadband has facilitated make this broadband service well worth every penny.


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