Avail Postpaid Unlimited Plans With Airtel Infinity

In this technology driven age, who does not want a 4G facility? Mobile is the constant companion for the all people and now it is difficult to imagine the world without mobile phones. Contrary to what people believe, post-paid connections have many advantages irrespective of the network connection you have. Airtel, one of the leading telecom brand in India is offering their Postpaid Unlimited plans such as Airtel Infinity for customers to enjoy unlimited calls, messages and ringtones of their choice this summer. In a nutshell, the plan offers everything for users who do not want interruptions while talking to their family, friends, and acquaintances.

While choosing a postpaid plan, there are certain features that are a necessity and certain features are for enjoyment. Airtel, one of the leading Internet services provider in India, has created one such postpaid plan that you, as a user, can customize to meet your requirements of necessity and leisure. Called the myPlan infinity, the plan allows users to enjoy unlimited calls, messages and music.

Airtel Infinity plans

The main attraction of Postpaid Unlimited Plan is that a new handset with a 4G facility and all the plan owners are entitled to get free 3GB data for 12 months. It actually offers you free data for a whole year that amounts to Rs 9000.  Here is a quick look at the benefits you are entitled to receive after availing this infinity plan –

  1. The lowest plan starts with Rs. 499 whereby you can enjoy unlimited roaming, local and STD calls, your favorite music and movies etc. The other plan in this series is- Rs 799, 1199, 1599, 1999, 2999 respectively.
  2. When it comes to unlimited roaming calls, only incomings are allowed in plan at Rs 499.
  3. Internet facilities vary as per the plan chosen. However, it is important to note, that in case you do not have a 4G-enabled handset, it will come down to 1 GB data. You can visit the Airtel website to check the data you will be entitled to as per the price.
  4. The other beneficial feature of myPlan infinity is that it can be customized to suit your needs. Looking for more data and less calls, just move the slider and you plan will be customized to your requirements. It is so easy that you will be wondering why the mobile operators and service providers did not think of this earlier.
  5. Since you have a pre-decided budget, you do not need to recheck your usage throughout the month.

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This is the best summer gift Airtel could offer to their customers. No need to think before dialling a number of a long lost friend or surfing the net to watch your favorite movies or videos. to any of your relative, family, and friends.

The advantages of buying an Airtel postpaid plan are many. Do not wait! Upgrade your existing plan with Airtel myPlan Infinity.

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If you want to know more about the Airtel myPlan Infinity you could connect to customer agents via call or you could also contact through live support software present on the website. They will always solve your query.



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